Bearfight FC believes in the member ownership model and 'one person, one vote'. We firmly believe that member ownership insures the long term success of the club by putting the club in the hands of the people that we trust the most and will protect the club; our supporters.

Yearly memberships start at $20 to become a voting member and run one calendar year (January 1 to December 31).

Yearly memberships and merchandise sales make up a vast majority of the funds used to run Bearfight FC. We try to keep sponsorships to a minimum to stay true to the supporter run model.

Featured Members.
• Jim Curtin- Head Coach, Philadelphia Union
• Brian Zebleckes- Florida Membership Coordinator / @braindamage10
• Peter Bogdis- President- San Francisco City Football Club (PDL)

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Bearfight FC is your club. We, as the board, vow to be accessible to you, the members, at all times. Feel free to email us with any questions you have about your club. We are in the process of starting member run committees. Information on member run committees will be posted on, as well as Facebook and twitter.

Bearfight FC will begin holding yearly general membership meetings starting in fall of 2017, location to be determined.

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PRESIDENT • Jeremy Sharpe
BUSINESS MANAGER • Sarah Anne Frazier

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Our mission is to create a fully supporter-run, non-profit adult soccer club. We are a registered 501c (3) charitable organization, meaning every dollar that comes in goes to either running the club or to charity.

We feel that it is important to embrace the grassroots culture of soccer that gave rise to the immigrant clubs that paved the way for soccer in America. Major League Soccer would not exist if not for clubs like Bethlehem Steel and the Philadelphia Ukranians, who got their starts not through being backed by corporations but instead by being backed by communities.

We are building this club as a community, first and foremost. Everyone has a say in the way Bearfight FC is run. This is your club - not a faceless organization that you have no direct contact with.

We have set a very large, open ended, long term goal to prove that people, not businesses or big money, can run a successful soccer club. We see that joy and love for the game that we have in a lot of pockets of the United States and the rest of the world. We ask our members to truly become ambassadors for our club where ever they go, and get others interested in and involved with Bearfight FC. We want our membership - our family - to be more than a local club. We want to make noise. We want the soccer establishment in the United States to start hearing about this club in Delaware that has members all over the United States, and see that the real strength of soccer in this country is in the people that love the sport, not the sponsors on the ad board and on the kits.